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About this video:
Here is another diet plan for you which can help you lose weight easily in this summer. This diet plan is safe to follow as it is designed by a certified nutritionist at I’MWOW and all the meals are simple and home based. One can lose upto 5kg in a month by following this simple weight loss diet plan. It’s a General Weight Loss Diet Plan (approx. 1300-1350 calories) so anyone having a particular medical condition or allergies should consult their doctors before following it.

Important Announcement
Now onwards, the diet plans will be shared on @I’mWOW youtube channel which is run by my team. Please follow the channel for weight loss diets, workouts, recipes and a lot more.

If you are looking for a customised diet plan then you can join I’MWOW transformation program in which we provide counselling, personalised diet plan, follow along workout videos, recipes, daily positive affirmations, interesting activities and a lot more. Many people from different parts of the world join this program and achieve their fitness goals easily. You can be a part of it too.

All information provided on this channel is furnished strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only. Through my videos I share my personal experience and learnings through my weight loss journey.
I have also completed INFS Nutrition and Fitness course to expand my knowledge on the topic. However, no information shared in the videos is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual’s specific health or medical condition. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in or acting on any recommendation found in content provided on this channel.
Diet plans shared under my transformation program are designed by my team of expert, qualified nutritionists.
All the products and brands I recommend in my videos are first used/ experienced by me, whether it works for you in the same way or not will solely be your responsibility.

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