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0:00 Intro
1:33 Warm-Up (1. Spot Jog)
2:14 Warm-Up (2. Hamstring Swipes)
3:23 Warm-Up (3.Butt Kicks)
4:16 Warm-Up (4. Jumping Jacks)

Set 1
5:12 Set 1 (Floor Touch To Jump Squats)
6:48 Set 1 ( Side Shuffle Floor Touch)
8:11 Set 1(Reverse Lunges)
9:59 Set 1( High Knees)

Set 2
11:29 Set 2(Floor Touch To Jump Squats)
12:25 Set 2 ( Side Shuffle Floor Touch)
13:21 Set 2 (Reverse Lunges)
14:16 Set 2 ( High Knees)

Set 3
15:13 Set 3 (Floor Touch To Jump Squats)
16:01 Set 3 ( Side Shuffle Floor Touch)
16:55 Set 3(Reverse Lunges)
17:47 Set 3 ( High Knees)

18:50 Cool Down
18:55 Cool Down (1.Standing Quad Stretch)
20:22 Cool Down (2. Hamstring Stretch)
21:54 Cool Down (3.Crossed Legged Side Stretch)
23:38 Cool Down (4.Back & Chest Stretch)
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