Going on vacation? Follow these diet tips to get beach body ready…

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You’ve just planned a vacation… Got your flights, hotel, and all the fun things you’re going to do all figured out… Now you just need to get rid of this damn belly, lose weight, and get in beach body shape!

How do you go about quickly losing weight before a beach vacation? Well the truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t be leaving your pre-vacation diet until the last minute (even though many people do).

In the ideal world you would start dieting at least 3 months before your beach vacation in order to give your body time to lose fat and let your skin tighten up so you look your best when it comes time to take your shirt off at the beach or pool.

But even if you do start late, you can still make some significant improvements and drop some weight pretty fast by following a strict low carb diet that’s based mostly around lean protein, green veggies, and healthy fats. The Extreme Fat Loss Diet Plan at: http://leehayward.com/go/xfatloss.htm goes into great detail about how to follow such a diet.

Now lets assume that you’ve been following a fat loss diet, you’ve lost some weight, and you are getting close to your vacation…

Should you change your diet and start gradually increasing your calories before the vacation to ease yourself into eating a higher calorie diet? Or should you stick to your low calorie diet right up until the last day before you leave? This is the question I was asked for today’s Ask Lee video Q and A…

The best diet strategy to look your best while at the beach would be to diet right up until the day you leave for your vacation. Keep your diet super strict so that you can lose as much weight as possible before you leave.

Then when you get to your destination and enjoy the yummy food such as the all you can eat buffets, fancy dinners, and local cuisine what will happen is your body will fill out, kind of like a bodybuilder does when carb loading before a competition. Your depleted muscle cells will absorb the carbs and calories and you’ll temporarily look bigger, fuller, more muscular, and chances are your skin will even tighten up a little bit as well from the carbs drawing water into the muscle cells.

This bigger fuller look will last anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on how crazy you go with your eating, if you keep things somewhat under control and don’t binge on junk food it will last longer.

But eventually what’s going to happen as you continue eating higher carbs and higher calories is your body will “spill over” this means you’ll start retaining water, and you’ll start to regain some bodyfat again. Thus causing your body to begin looking softer and smoother.

However, if you time it right you can have a 2 week vacation where you are looking your best for the majority of the time and still able to enjoy yourself without being overly restrictive on your diet.

This is how it should go:

Diet strict right up until you leave.
This will cause you to feel a bit flat and depleted for a few days.

During your vacation enjoy yourself, but don’t binge or overeat.
This will cause you to fill out as carbs and water is pulled into the muscle cells.

You’ll be looking bigger, fuller, and more muscular for several days. (the best part!)

Then you’ll start to “spill over” and retain some water.
Note: keeping active, working out, sweating in the hot sun, etc. can help to minimize some of this water retention.

If you keep eating high calories beyond this you’ll start to re-gain some bodyfat, but for most people the vacation will be close to over by this phase and you’ll have spent most of it looking your best while still enjoying the yummy food.

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