Looking to lose weight? What if we told you your breakfast is the key to losing weight fast? More specifically it’s what you drink for breakfast that can have a huge impact on your weight.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the best weight loss drinks for breakfast. Green tea is an obvious guess. But what about coffee? Can you really drink it first thing in the morning? What about 100% pure orange juice? Can you take protein shakes? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Green Tea – 00:24
2. Coffee – 01:45
3. Infused Water – 02:25
4. 100% Pure Orange Juice – 04:10
5. Protein Shakes – 04:44
6. Cumin (Q-min) Tea – 06:09


Green Tea
Anyone who’s been trying to lose weight would have heard about the many benefits of green tea. It has a compound called EGCG, which helps burn the fat in your body. This compound also helps make sure new fat cells aren’t formed. EGCG also helps boost your metabolism.
Another advantage of EGCG is that it produces an enzyme that is key for breaking down a particular hormone. When your EGCG increases, so does your number of enzymes.

Caffeine can help burn the fat stored in the body, and also improves your performance during workouts. As such, coffee is a great drink to have along with your breakfast if you want to lose some of that extra fat.
Of course, it does not mean you down a bunch of coffee cups each day. You also need to be careful what you add to that coffee. If you like to have your coffee with lots of cream and sugar, you won’t be making a lot of progress.

Infused Water
There is not a single drink that can compete with water when it comes to being calorie free. You need to drink water on a regular basis if you want to stay hydrated. You also need it if you want your body to function at a normal level.

100% Pure Orange Juice
When you drink 100% pure orange juice, you’re not consuming any extra sugar. That itself brings down the amount of calories you’ll be taking in. On top of that, orange juice has a lot of important vitamins.

Protein Shakes
Protein shakes are generally made by people who want to build their muscles. But this particular drink can be helpful for people trying to lose weight as well. Protein can increase your satiety levels and reduce your chances of hunger.

Cumin (Q-min) Tea
Looking to lose weight? Cumin tea will help in every way possible.
Experts are currently debating over the ideal amount of cumin seeds you should consume. Regardless, there’s no question that cumin tea can help you on your weight loss journey. Trying to shed a few extra pounds? A little cumin tea in the morning might be your answer!

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