These five moves will help you reduce belly fat without any equipment at home.Try these if you’re over 40 and want to try easy exercise to stay fit. Click the link for 75%discount on fasting plans + 10% off on 1st subscription of Do fasting app. Promo code “PARMITA”

A lot of popular abs exercises such as crunches or sit ups are not as easy for beginners or for women over 40 or women over 50.

If you’re over 40 and struggling with bodyweight or trying to lose weight post pregnancy, then most of the Exercises to reduce belly fat at home can be pretty hard for a lot of women. But these five exercises, even seniors can do. If your goal is to achieve flat stomach then its possible to start seeing a difference in your stomach area within a week.These are easy beginner friendly exercises to lose belly fat and fun too. Put on some music and perform them and you will be done in under 8-10 minutes.

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