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Through this channel I share my experiences and journey of weightloss with my followers..These remidies and diet plans are worked on me…But each person is different and they react differently to these diet plans..So please consult your physician before trying any dietplan or remedies suggested by me..This is only for informational purpose..Readers are subjected to use this information on their own risk..Thank you…

Protein powder recipe:: https://youtu.be/kMCk25i0Vv4

Day 24 party Special WeightLoss recipes:: https://youtu.be/4TQyonueQOU

Day23 how to overcome WeightLoss plateau:: https://youtu.be/DD5koWxKb68

Day22 high protein dal for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/aJ-8TmCaDY0

Day20best sugar substitutes date syrup Recipe:: https://youtu.be/9cG6M-H60yw

Day19 Healthy Dinner recipe with oats for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/1DL2nOYLU-Q

Day18 WeightLoss full Thali:: https://youtu.be/rIf1sZtndTo

Day17 simple workouts outs to loss belly:: https://youtu.be/3_ONKnE01HY

Day16 Aloevera juice and sabudhana khichdi recipe:: https://youtu.be/PA4d-w0IKn8

Day15 overnight oats recipe:: https://youtu.be/-IDIZIBywis

Day15 oats breakfast recipe it’s dhokla:: https://youtu.be/m4cMyFChaKU

Day13How to use apple cider vinegar for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/fYQbaew_5Mw

Day12 1000 calories vegetarian full day dietplan.. https://youtu.be/fYQbaew_5Mw

Day11which once is best for WeightLoss chia or sabja:: https://youtu.be/k5Nr_2aoeY0

Day10 Low Budget dietplan:: https://youtu.be/Pmh6NcLZ__k

Day9::ABC Miracle drink for spotless skin::: https://youtu.be/P3w33xBt0o0

Day8 Reasons for hair loss in diet and solutions:: https://youtu.be/KW0EXq9RJh8

Day5Weightloss special sweets:: https://youtu.be/erb9tYzzZu8

Day4 easy diet plan to lose weight:: https://youtu.be/HTDpKdKztZE

Day3 high protein milk for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/uqYadVSG5ZQ

Day 2 WeightLoss breakfast recipes:: https://youtu.be/pvw-cmzbzEA

Day1 Diet plan in one month WeightLoss challenge:: https://youtu.be/BC2W6KfpJgQ

Loss 10kg in 3 months Diet:: https://youtu.be/uHAN-qM9CN4

Full day oats diet:: https://youtu.be/3ZPcdv03v9I

1000 calorie Pure Veg Diet plan:: https://youtu.be/tgrI3Ee-81E

20kg weight loss journey:: https://youtu.be/G_UaS5UIMwM

Hypothyroidism diet plan:: https://youtu.be/7N2JRoNAyhw

Weightloss diet plan for PCOD PCOS:: https://youtu.be/fzz0YdpeCc8

Full day Nonveg diet plan:: https://youtu.be/6Jn5Aio6CNE

Belly fat cutter drinks:: https://youtu.be/lDDitcBqPfk

Four diet breakfast ideas:: https://youtu.be/XooLTwK_y3U

Four diet dinner soup ideas:: https://youtu.be/Y9zx0RaA2ps

Easy exercise for weight loss:: https://youtu.be/_Cvxe_K6TYc

One month weight loss challenge:: https://youtu.be/YFSTyL3DlPU

WeightLoss smoothies:: https://youtu.be/AVs2Km2Xn_s

3diet oats recipes:: https://youtu.be/3IGBZ6cCcEk

WeightLoss dinner ideas:: https://youtu.be/QJ_jS2PlYO0

There high protein breakfast ideas:: https://youtu.be/mfHSLXBVres

Belly fat cutter juice:: https://youtu.be/l7DdKqbl8Uc

Loss 5kg in 10Days diet:: https://youtu.be/TabV44mAvCU

3diet lunch recipes:: https://youtu.be/-EgsQrTyPIc

7 body detox drinks:: https://youtu.be/bmnr0pizvmU

Perfect brown rice cooking:: https://youtu.be/K2GlDEBVLPA

What to eat what not to eat for Thyroid and PCOD::

Intermittent fasting:: https://youtu.be/HylvqcO1x6k

Healthy snack for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/jYwBw1IxtiE

Weight loss salad:: https://youtu.be/t7zhm4NOjaE

How to break WeightLoss plateau:: https://youtu.be/DD5koWxKb68

Healthy milk for weight loss:: https://youtu.be/tXv3SYvS54U

High protein laddu for WeightLoss:: https://youtu.be/kMCk25i0Vv4

Healthy puttu recipe:: https://youtu.be/Mef9a1kgD3Y

Vegetable cake :: https://youtu.be/8onyHmzVQ8M

Ragi milk for healthy hair and skin:: https://youtu.be/uZzo33-el34

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