this subliminal is designed to give you extreme weight loss! open the description for all the subliminal benefits!!

okay so before i start i just wanna say that i was listening to this throughout the day and i felt my whole body burning, not even exaggerating! so be careful because it is very powerful!!! make sure to drink a lot of water whilst listening to this subliminal.

..(˖͢ ..)).

what is a listen once subliminal?
my “listen once” subliminals are made with a powerful formula which makes the subliminal work even if you only listen to it once a day!! you can still listen multiple times and the more you listen the faster the results from this subliminal.

subliminal contents_
▸extreme weight loss
▸lose desired amount of weight
▸weight loss on face
▸weight loss on jawline
▸weight loss on chin
▸weight loss on neck
▸weight loss on collarbone
▸weight loss on shoulders
▸weight loss on armpits
▸weight loss on arms
▸weight loss on hands
▸weight loss on belly
▸weight loss on thighs
▸weight loss on legs
▸weight loss on knees
▸weight loss on calves
▸weight loss on feet
▸remove all stretch marks
▸flat belly
▸slim legs
▸slim arms
▸defined jawline
▸tight skin
▸remove all cellulite
▸healthy body
▸perfect health
▸desired weight
▸fast subliminal results
▸permanent subliminal results

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extra notes/tips_

▸no affirmations are distorted
▸this is layered and looped lots of times!
▸affirmations are at a moderate speed
▸no harmful/negative affirmations
▸positive safe affirmations
▸desired results
▸downloadable subliminal
▸no frequencies or binaural beats

▸listen as many times as you are comfortable
▸the more you listen the faster the results
▸listen to it at a low volume
▸drink plenty of water
▸requests are closed indefinitely.
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music used:
wanna one – energetic [piano]

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_what is a subliminal?
subliminal audios are music with affirmations hidden behind it made to target and reprogram your subconscious mind positively. affirmations are positive sentences such as ‘i am healthy’ or ‘i am beautiful’ these are some examples [not in this subliminal] the hidden subliminal affirmations bypass your conscious mind reaching your subconscious mind where they can reprogram your mind, producing real visible results. fundamentally, this is the basic belief behind these subliminals.

thank you for listening

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