Once this clicks you WILL lose weight.

I was about 15-20lbs overweight. I was officially well in the “overweight” BMI. Although to many of you reading this might not seem too bad, for me … I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked on photos, my tummy fat, how heavy I generally felt when moving about being a parent to 3 young boys. This is also driven by me not wanting to enter my 40s this much overweight, I want to feel much more like I did (and look much more like I did) in my 20s.

I ‘tried’ some diets (fasting being one of them), but really my mind wasn’t invested in it. I would still happily tuck into biscuits and finish kids leftover snacks just because that is what I had got used to doing.

But now – I have found the only thing that works for me when it comes to losing weight! I honestly think I have found the key. Willpower is not the right word for what is going on for me.. I have instead found my thin mindset.

My Slender mindset.


To be thinner than I was, I could still eat biscuits, as long as I ate less of them, and also added in a small amount of exercise each day. At the moment this is working and I am losing weight!

I think to myself: Would a slender (thin) person do that? (When reaching for another biscuit, or wanting to put the kids leftovers in my mouth rather than the bin). The answer is no, they would reach for an apple instead.

I have found my tummy is flatter and I am moving with more energy. I have gotten out of my ‘bigger person’ habits. And I really do think this is maintainable. If I want to then lose more weight, you just have to continue to think what a more slender person would do. Smaller portions are another major change I have achieved due to this mindset. A slender person would not have 3 sausages with their dinner, only 1 or 2….

I haven’t even weighed myself yet as I am just going on whether I am yet the slender person I want to be but I know my weight loss journey is going wonderfully thanks to my new mindset. And my clothes are hanging nicely and jeans very loose!

Try it! Let me know how it goes.

Although this rather flexible approach works for me, I do have another trick (a slightly more rigid one) which I combine with this, which I will write about another day.

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