There's more to a diet than losing weight. Think of it as a starting point for the rest of your life. Imagine yourself at a healthy weight, eating well, feeling great and kicking some butt in the world.

The weight loss isn't the hardest part. It's the mindset that goes with it. You're retraining your brain to imagine what it is like to be healthy, happy and full of energy. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds. It won't happen unless you are 'right in the mind'.  From there, you start eating better, exercising and creating habits that are in line with losing the weight.
You can do it. I don't call it discipline. I call it dedication to your target. And on this site, you'll find information to help you along your journey.

We suggest you start with our guest article which underpins this ideal, all to do with your mindset. We wanted to title this the Thin Mindset or Think Thin, but the word Thin is just a little bit negative.. so The Slender Mindset works better...

Once the mindset is sorted, you WILL lose weight.

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